Funeral Planning


What Is Pre-Planning?
Pre-planning is the planning of funeral service details, recording of biographical information and selection of merchandise in advance of need.

Why Should You Pre-Plan?
• Pre-planning is an important step in overall estate planning. It is a popular and sound idea for many reasons:
• You have the peace of mind of knowing your loved ones will be spared from having to make difficult decisions at a stressful time.
• Funeral goods and services are locked in at today’s prices.
• Guarantees the quality of service you feel is most appropriate for you.
• Accepted by Medicaid should you need long term nursing care.

What Are The Types Of Pre-Planning?
• FUNDED When pre-planning is funded, the prices of funeral goods and services are frozen regardless of when services are provided. A commonly used funding vehicle is a funeral home issued irrevocable funeral trust. A variety of payment plans are available depending on your age.

• NON-FUNDED A non-funded pre-plan is the selection, recording and filing of your service details. No payment is made. Charges are shown at current prices but actual cost will be based on prices in effect at the time services are provided.

What Happens If I Move?
Your account is listed under your name and Social Security Number with Owen-Weilert-Duncan Funeral Homes and we are listed as your service provider. If you move your plan is completely transferable.

How Can I Pre-Plan?
Call us or click here to make an appointment to discuss and select the services you feel are appropriate. You will be able to discuss, confidentially and at your convenience, costs and payment options with no obligation.